Why we should watch the 2020 NBA Finals on NBC Sports Live Extra

The NBA finals on Sunday will take place live on NBCSN, making the event one of the most-watched in the company’s history.

In fact, the NBA’s most-popular game will feature the Finals at 11:30 p.m.

ET on Sunday.

But the show has been able to capture the attention of sports fans from across the country, and now, they can watch the series online in full for free.

NBCSN is the only major network to offer online streaming of the NBA Finals, but it’s not the only streaming option. 

ESPN has offered online streaming since the first two years of the series, and the network is now adding new streaming options to its lineup of live events.

But in addition to its usual NBA games, the network has also added the 2018 and 2020 NBA Championship series.

And with the NBA playoffs scheduled for the final week of June, it will offer online viewing of the finals on Tuesday, June 12 at 10 p.mpn.

NBC Sports is also allowing fans to watch the Finals in real time, so long as they have an internet connection. 

NBA Finals Live will stream on ESPN2 and the NBC Sports app, and viewers can sign up for live streams through the NBA app. 

Here are the most important dates for all of the live events: Sunday, June 11: The NBA Finals Live event begins at 11 p.ms.

ET and will be available to stream on NBCSports.com, the NBC app and NBCSportsGo. 

Monday, June 13: NBA Playoffs Live begins at 1 p.pm.

ET with the Brooklyn Nets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Nets win in overtime by a score of 105-101. 

Tuesday, June 14: The NBA Finals begins at 2 p.am.


The Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Warriors beat the Brooklyn Brooklyn Nets 101-102 in double overtime to win the NBA title. 

Wednesday, June 15: In a game that was played on Sunday, June 10, the Oklahoma City NBA team plays the Brooklyn New York Knicks in a game for the NBA championship. 

Thursday, June 16: ESPN’s live coverage of the 2018 NBA Finals ends at 11 a.m., and it’s live on the NBC website. 

Friday, June 17:  The Brooklyn Nets take on the New York Bulls in the Brooklyn Barclays Center. 

Saturday, June 18: A game between the Brooklyn and New York NBA teams is played on the court in Brooklyn. 

Sunday-Monday, July 2: New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn is the first NBA Finals game to be televised on television, live on ESPN. 

For more information on the NBA, visit the league’s official website at nba.com.

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