What to watch this weekend’s NCAAAA Tournament is LIVE!

We are running a special video series featuring all the action from the upcoming NCAA Tournament that will run over the next week.

We’ve already covered a couple of the biggest stories of the week, including the first NCAA Tournament quarterfinals, the first-ever ACC Tournament quarterfinal and the first ever Big 12 Tournament quarterfinals.

Check back here for more highlights from the NCAA Tournament as well as all the details on the NCAAA Tournament.NCAA Tournament Preview: Who’s On the Bracket? 

NCAA Division I Championship Series: Who’s On Your Team? 

A look at the bracket, which is being drawn in part because the NCAA decided to give all teams a bye week to recover from the season. 

NCA Division I Tournament Preview and Results: What to Watch: The Final Four, Final Four Semifinals, Final 4 Bracket, Final 3 Bracket and moreThe Final 4 is a three-team tournament with two rounds played on Saturday and Sunday, and the quarterfinals and finals on Thursday and Friday. 

This is a game that the NCAA is always looking for to see if it has the best team and player combination, but there’s still no guarantee that the top-seeded team will advance. 

We’ll break down all the teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament, but we will be covering all five of the teams and looking at their matchup matchups for the final four. 

The teams are as follows:North Carolina A& State (8-3, 1-1) vs. Florida State (6-7, 1.75)Ticket InformationNCAA Title Bracket (NCAA Final Four)Saturday, January 25, 8 p.m.

CT at Greensboro Coliseum (NCAA Championship Series)Semifinal (8 p.mpn)Semi-Finals (8:30 p.pm)Finals 2 (10:30 a.m.)

Saturday, February 2, 7 p.mbn at Greensburg Coliseum (ACC Championship Series)(NCAA Championships)Friday, February 12, 7:30-9:30 at Greensburgh Coliseum (NCAA Championships)

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