What the Masters Tournament 2020 means for the next generations of golfers

The Masters tournament is in its 17th year, and it’s the most popular golf tournament on the planet.

And the next generation of golf players may be getting a new tournament to compete in, with a host of new events slated to open in 2019 and 2020.

In an exclusive interview with WSJ, Augusta National’s founder, Jack Nicklaus, said the golf tournament is a good opportunity for the young players to grow up and have a chance to compete at the top of their game.

The new tournaments, which have been described as the next great golf tournament, will be offered at the Masters National Course, as well as at several other golf courses across the country.

Golf is still the world’s most popular sport, but Nicklaus said he’s hoping it will one day become a global sport.

He’s also hopeful that more players will take to the game, as the tournament will allow them to see the same golf courses as pros, rather than competing against one another.

And for those who want to make the leap to the next level, there are plenty of courses on offer.

There are three golf courses that are the first to open on the Masters course: the Pebble Beach National Golf Club, the Royal Palm Beach National Club and the Pebble Desert Golf Club.

But these are just the courses that have been built so far.

The Augusta National Golf Course, built in 1929, will feature four par-72 holes on a course that will feature a distance of about 1,200 yards.

The Pebble Beach course, which was the first major golf course to be built in the United States, will include a par-71 hole on the second hole.

It will be the first course to feature a par 70 hole, and the final hole will feature the par-63 hole that will become the first par-65 hole on a major golf hole in the world.

The Royal Palm beach course, the most visited course in the U.S., will feature two par-74 holes on its 18th hole.

The Palm Beach course will be located on the Atlantic coast, which is also where golf courses like Augusta National are based.

Nicklaus is also hopeful of a major boost in interest from players.

For one, he said, the tournament is on the same date every year as the Olympics, making it an ideal opportunity to showcase the sport to a much broader audience.

And he said that as more and more people see golf, they will be more interested in competing in the event.

“We’ve had to adjust some of the scheduling to accommodate that, so they have to tune in on that,” he said.

“You’ll be able to watch the games on TV and see how well they do.

And they’re also doing the best they can to get more kids interested in the sport.”

Nicklaus has also said that the tournament could also serve as a good way to get young players interested in golf as a career, since many young golfers are entering the sport with very little money.

“The most important thing that’s going to happen in the next few years is that the young guys will be able and ready to compete, so that the next one will be much better,” he added.

“There’s going be some really good young guys, and I think they’ll be ready to play golf.”

The new events are being called the Masters Junior Golf Tournament 2020, and they are expected to open up in 2019.

Golf has always been a very popular sport in the Dominican Republic, but it is now considered the world leader in golf.

According to the World Golf Federation, the Dominican is the top-ranked country in the global rankings of golf, and its number of tournaments has grown every year since 2006.

The tournament is expected to attract some of that growing interest by offering a series of smaller, shorter events that are also expected to be more entertaining than the larger, more prestigious tournaments.

For the first time in the history of the sport, the Masters will offer a series that will be hosted by the U, and include an age group that is very different than the traditional golfers.

“I think it’s going the right way,” said Nicklaus.

“This is a perfect time for us to have this new opportunity to grow the sport and to do what the world needs.

The more we play, the more people are going to watch.”

The tournament will feature an average of two rounds of 12 holes each, with the top two finishing in the championship game.

Nicklaslaus said that there are plans for a number of more events to be added, including a tournament featuring the winner of the Masters championship and a Masters Open.

Golf, of course, is a global game, but the Masters tournament will be just the beginning of a new generation of players in the game.

In the next year or so, there will be a Masters Championship in Japan, the first in the Netherlands and a major in Spain.

There will be events at the

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