PS4 and Xbox One release dates, prices, and features

Posted September 27, 2021 03:20:18 Nintendo and Sony have announced two new games for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC: Pokken Tournament DX and the sequel to its smash-hit Tekken series.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 will be launching on September 27 for $59.99 and $79.99, respectively, and will launch on September 29 for $49.99.

The PS4 version will launch for $199.99 on September 28 and will also be available for preorder.

Both titles will be playable at the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Pokken tournament DX is a fighting game with two playable characters, Akuma and Rolento.

The sequel is a more traditional version of the series, but will have a higher score for each match.

Players can earn points by finishing combos and dodging attacks.

Both characters have unique attacks, such as the “Hail Mary” or “Dashing Kick,” that make their opponents weaker.

It also supports cross-play with other Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 games.

The game’s online play allows players to play with friends and is free-to-play, but it also features the option of paying to play.

Both Pokken and Tekken will be available on both the Xbox and PS3.

The Xbox One version of Pokken will also come bundled with the new game’s special Pokken Pack, which offers a variety of upgrades to all of the characters.

The Xbox One Pro also features a new Kinect camera that can scan targets and dodge, and the Xbox 360 Pro sports a redesigned face and improved motion tracking.

Both versions will come bundled.

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